Just when I thought I was alone, someone out there was going through the same. Thanks for speaking up this #WORLDMENTALHEALTHDAY. #DAYOFTHEGIRL


I never had an “invisible friend” when I was a child.

At the beginning of my teenage years though I developed an “invisible enemy” and to this day I still have it. Just like an invisible friend, my invisible enemy follows me around, is always there and even when I think it has  gone it pops up to surprise me.

I vision my enemy as this dark, misty creature that likes to hang onto my shoulders, putting tremendous pressure onto my body and at times the pressure has forced me to my knees.

I have thought a lot about how to describe my depression and for me personally that’s the best way.

Its been a long, painful, never-ending road but finally the weight has been lifted off my shoulders. The first mile was to accept that I may always have this misty creature in my life. The trick is to work out how to live alongside it and it can be done…

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